Ten Top Reasons why Teaching is an Art

Published: 08th July 2010
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Teaching is one profession that demands a mixture of creative skill, technical savvy and the ability to use these qualities in developing the minds of students, it can be genuinely called an art.

1. The term "teaching job" is not quite accurate in describing the work of a successful educator. To be fully effective an educator must let the passion overwhelm the monetary desires of a professional, be ready to continue their own education at their own expense,

2. Teachers are ready and willing to contribute their own materials and efforts in classroom activities, and most important, put their art at a high priority in time and effort.

3. Dedication to their students learning and developing in them a lifelong passion for the learning process is essential to fully practicing their craft.

4. Teaching, like the creative and illustrative arts, requires full use of intellectual, manual and practical skills. Creating materials and programs within the curriculum that excite, stimulate further investigation, and move the students to excel in all their activities is one of the necessary traits of a successful teacher.

5. The best teachers are the best communicators and listeners. They can communicate their subject matter, their love of learning and transfer it to the student. They also can listen and discern their student's own insight into ideas and motivate them into pursuing them in a disciplined and productive way.

6. Effective and active listening are the tools a creative teacher can use to direct an undiscovered talent, uncover an issue that has blocked understanding, or open up a world that the student has never even considered as worth exploring. It is an ongoing and constantly changing dialogue that grows into discovery and growth.

7. The art of teaching demands self-discipline. Prioritizing wants and needs to achieve the goals set is important, this quality is essential in teaching and learning in equal portions. A successful teacher will instill this quality in their students.

8. The teacher who can use the mix of skills, passion, a sense of humor and a genuine caring for the ongoing development of young minds is often the teacher that is given credit for their student's success.

9. Great achievers are developed by great teachers whose influence is immeasurable.

10.Teachers who can inspire their students to set the highest standard, work towards the highest goals, and accomplish the most difficult projects without faltering are the Michelangelo's and daVinci's of the educational world. They are the inspiration behind the inspired. By passing their art to the next generation their legacy is multiplied in the hope of a better world.

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